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DIMINO - Old Habits Die Hard - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:
We find it incredible that Frank Dimino is so modest he had not thought of bringing out a solo album until it was suggested to him, as we honestly prefer this to anything that Angel did. Heavier than anything Angel produced this album has more in common overall with 80s metal than 70s stadium rock and there are no science fiction style laser sound effects. However, there are definitely 70s influences especially towards the end of the album.
Punky Meadows, Frank’s former band mate from Angel appears on ‘Never Again’ the second  single from the album and and also appears in the video for that track, although it’s one of the more modern tracks on the album as it happens. The album is full of big names including Oz Fox of Stryper, Rickey Medlocke of Blackfoot and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pat Thrall of Hughes/Tyrall, Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister and with production provided by Paul Crook known for Anthrax and Meatloaf the album its a tasty offering indeed worthy of a 2016 release. 
With UFO style heavy guitar licks and lightning guitar solos ‘Rockin the City’ continues the onslaught with Frank’s Berserker battle cries keeping up the pace. ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ while keeping the no mercy style vocals  is a change of pace to a slightly more bluesy feel but it’s still unquestionably metal due to Frank’s strong vocals and its hauntingly beautiful guitar solo. ‘The Rains About to Fall’ consistently produces material to keep the most die hard NWOBHM happy.. only Frank is from Massachusetts… shhh don’t worry he’ll be taken to heart in Europe like a Brit…   ‘Even Now’ has a beautiful acoustic entry and is a slower ballad groove to start with, however with Frank’s powerful singing on the verse and another great guitar solo the album keeps its intensity.  ‘Tears Will Fall’ reminds of Black Sabbath with its slow  and deliberate riffs combined with high vocal pitch and warm toned guitar solo.     ‘Mad as Hell’ is a relentless metal track not out of place amongst bands like Accept with a no hold barred old Skool guitar solo. ‘Sweet Sensation’ has a riff straight outta British 70s era glam rock,  but combined with metal edged vocals has a slight Deep Purple Gillan era feel about it. ‘Tonight's the Night’ has more of a rock n roll garage guitar American feel to it. ‘The Guest’ takes Frank’s onslaught of a vocal and the metal guitars but combined with a Hammond Organ and a Beatles style harmonised vocals is another definite nod to Deep Purple. With ‘Stones By the River’ the album ends with a  ballad and with some 70s style backing singing it’s possibly the most retro track on the album combining influences from soul and blues, but whilst being the least metal track on the album is a great showcase for Frank’s voice. 
So the album takes the world by the balls with 80s attitude and pace, but mellows out slightly towards the end to keep 70s rock fans happy. As such, there’s some thing for everybody. With such a quality release flying the flag for both genres we are just so happy to see releases like this coming out proving that there’s fertile soil and endless creativity for strong rock roots still out there and very much alive and kicking! 
Dawn Osborne
Courtesy of Hair Metal Mansion,

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