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Concert Review: Y&T & Chrome Mollie @ The Token Lounge in Westland, MI

So it was time for Lynn and I to saddle up and hit the road once again.... this time our destination was The Token Lounge in Westland, MI..which is near Detroit. We were there for the first time last June, to see Faster Pussycat. Even though it's a small venue and all the way across the state from us, it's always cool going there and it was definitely worth it again this time!

I was beginning to think that Y&T would never come to Michigan again, as the band admitted on stage, they haven't made their way to this area in a long time, 20+ years.... so when I heard they were going to be at the Token Lounge, it's a show that I just couldn't pass up. And since they haven't been there for so long, the place was absolutely packed...and I mean PACKED from wall to wall.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here, like usual... after we checked into our hotel, we were off... got a quick bite to eat before arriving at the Token Lounge. Besides Y&T, the only other band on the bill I had an interest in seeing, was local Michigan rockers and good friends of the Mansion, Chrome Mollie. Due to Y&T wanting more time, all the other bands went on even earlier than originally scheduled, so by the time we got there, Chrome Mollie was already on their last song, "Sumthin' You Need". They sounded good and I could tell I missed a rockin' set. Even though I missed most of their time on the stage, it was cool meeting Eddie, Danny and the rest of the band afterwards.

Also joining Lynn and I for the festivities was fellow Mansion members Greg, Tara and Kim. Nothing beats the atmosphere that live music creates, but what makes it even better is to rock out with good friends. After Chrome Mollie, was another band... and to be honest, I don't even remember who they were. All that I remember is Lynn and I trying to figure out if the singer was wearing a big, poofy, curly haired wig or not. (I was told later it was real, lol). As Lynn would say, SORRYBOUTCHA! (inside joke) ;) 

Like I mentioned before, the place was absolutely packed..especially by the time Y&T was ready to come on! They appropriately opened with "From the Moon" that led into "Open Fire" and proceeded to put on a phenomenal performance that lasted for 2 and a half hours. Gotta be the longest show that I've seen! This year, they are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic "Black Tiger" album, so of course you know there would be a good amount from that album, such as; "Don't Wanna Lose", "Forever", the title track, "Barroom Boogie" and the powerful ballad "Winds of Change". Speaking of, I just have to mention how strong Dave Meniketti sounds still to this day, it's amazing to think that the band has been around for 38 years and he still sounds like he does. A lot of times during shows, the music is so loud that it's hard to hear the singer sometimes, but not with Dave, as Lynn and I talked about afterwards. But not only does Dave still have the pipes, he wears more hats in the band and also tears it up on lead guitar as well. Dave Meniketti, one of the most talented, underrated and gifted musicians in rock and roll. Period.

Along with Dave, everyone in the current lineup are top notch and really brought it as well...the backing vocal harmonies were really well done throughout. John Nymann on rhythm guitar, Mike Vanderhule on drums and the newest addition, bassist Brad Lang. Original bass player Phil Kennemore tragically passed away from lung cancer last year. RIP Phil. They dedicated the new single "I'm Coming Home" to Phil and also mentioned some other great artists who were taken from us recently Ronnie Montrose and Ronnie James Dio.

Back to the setlist, along with the before mentioned "I'm Coming Home", they played 2 more tracks from their latest 2010 release "Facemelter" and they were "Shine On" and "Blind Patriot". In addition, the audience really got a bang for their buck, with a setlist as long as that, it really proved what a deep catalog of great material Y&T has. There's no way I could remember the setlist in the exact order...c'mon gimme a break, I was drinking crown & coke! lol

But we heard all of our favorites and then some; 
"Dirty Girl", "Hurricane", "I Believe In You", "Mean Streak", "Midnight In Tokyo", "Lipstick and Leather", "Don't Stop Runnin" (Lynn's fave), "Contagious", "Eyes of a Stranger", "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", the instrumental "I'll Cry For You" and of course "Summertime Girls"! They came back for an encore and ended with "Rescue Me". 

Damn was it ever hot in there, but I can now cross another band off of my "must see" list and I have Lynn to thank for that! We both walked away impressed and I had to get a "Black Tiger" 30th anniversary t-shirt to remember the night by. I just hope it doesn't take them another 20 years to come back around again!

Most of the photos are provided by Lynn and Tara.....enjoy!

~Tara and I...the ninja and the axeman! lol

~Greg showing Chrome Mollie some love

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Sounds cool! Can you post a pic of the shirt?????

Great pics! That's my friend Brad on bass up there with Y & T, it's so surreal seeing him makin it big! :)

sweet thanks for posting

Cool pics, I used to play at the Token Lounge back in the 90's when I lived in Detroit with my band Saddletramp. Kind of small but very cool owner, always treated the bands well. Good to see they're pulling in some big name acts.

Glad you went Andrew!  I was thinking something came up and maybe you didn't get a chance to go cuz I didn't see your review right away...but I suppose the life of running a rock star website can be as busy as being a rock star :)

I knew Y&T wouldn't disappoint you! We went the following night outside Chicago (Bolingbrook).  Same sort of deal, 3+ hour car ride from NE Wisconsin and checking into a hotel.  But it was close to the venue so that was good.

I was thinking the same thing.  I've seen them 3 times now the last six years and Dave sounded as good as ever. And while we all miss Phil, Brad Lang really has fit in and it looks like he's truly a part of the band now.  They all play so well together.

Our show also went for about 2 hours and 10 minutes straight, then they came back for a two song encore.  They absolutely rocked and I really hope they come up this way again sometime soon.

And after the last song Dave thanked everybody for coming out and said they'd see us again soon, "maybe sooner than you think."

Check out this website for a set list, i'm still waiting for my show but yours was up:

And here's a video someone took for Midnight In Tokyo:


Awesome photos & review Andrew!!!  I see I didn't tire them out too much for you seeing them just a few nights prior to your show with them.  ;) lol... We got a 2 hr set since it was a weeknight I guess...but the year prior they also did a 2.5 hr set for us at HARD ROCK when we saw & met them.  Definitely an awesome show - Glad you got to enjoy it!!!


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