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Concert Review: Lynch Mob/Bang Tango/Scrapyard/Distorted Flavors @ Planet Rock

Planet Rock is a venue in Battle Creek, MI... one that I have been to a number of times in the past, most recently was for Trixter back in April of last year. So on March 1st, 2012, it was good to be back there! It was Lynch Mob, Bang Tango, Scrapyard and Distorted Flavors. But I'm getting ahead of myself here....

My friend Lynn and I made the drive and checked into the hotel, since it was pretty early, we went out to eat first and then it was off to the venue. We found it without too much trouble, lol, and we gotta give a big thank you to Bang Tango drummer Trent Anderson for putting us on the guestlist. Met up with fellow Mansion member Greg at the bar and we hung out with him for the whole time pretty much..from his first drink, to his last... I won't say how many he had, lol. Shortly after, a local band from Delton, MI called Distorted Flavors kicked off the night the right way... a set full of covers of some of our favorite rock classics from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I remember they kicked off the set with Poison's Talk Dirty To Me and it was nice hearing a female vocalist on that track! was my first time seeing them and they did well. 

Next on the schedule was Scrapyard, who have become good friends of mine and the Mansion. Since I've seen them a couple times prior, I knew what to expect and was looking forward to seeing them again. They tore it up and ripped through a set of mostly originals, with anthems like "Rock N Roll Show" and "Detroit Muscle". They are real tight as a band and it's good to know that our classic style rock n roll is still being played here in MI. They threw in a cover of the Peter Frampton classic "Do You Feel Like We Do", which is a hard song to pull off, but they most certainly did! Some people who seen them for the first time were definitely impressed, including Mansion member Greg...even the Bang Tango guys were raving about 'em. So to the Scrapyard guys, keep doing what you're doing, you're creating a buzz in the MI rock scene and I wish you nothin' but the best! They are currently working on their full-length debut and they tell me it's very close to being finished.

Throughout the night, I got to talk with each of the Bang Tango members (Joe Leste, Scott LaFlamme, Lance Eric and Trent Anderson) again and they are ALWAYS cool to talk to, like normal guys, who make it known how appreciative they are of the fans. I absolutely loved seeing them on stage again, even though it was my 3rd time, they are one of them that I could see over and over. "Ready to Go" is the perfect opener and had the audience shakin' from beginning to end. They changed up the setlist in a couple places since I last seen 'em and it's cool that they do that, to keep it fresh. Along with the classics from the first two albums like; "Attack of Life", "Breaking Up a Heart of Stone", "Love Injection", "20th Century Boy", "Untied and True" and "Dancin' On Coals"...they also threw in the AC/DC classic "Highway to Hell" and two from their new release, "Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt"... "Suck It Up" and "Live Life'. They were selling the new CD along with some swag at the merch table, if you haven't picked it up yet, I highly recommend it! You can get it online here. Of course ending the night with "Someone Like You"!

As much as I could have seen an even longer set, I was really anxious to FINALLY see George Lynch LIVE for the first time. And my god....did he ever tear the house down. When they were getting ready to go on, that's when I met another good friend of mine for the first time named Stacey...who is also a member on here and just got back from seeing LM on the Monsters of Rock Cruise as well. But that wasn't enough for her, she had to see them again that soon! I'm tellin' ya, when you think of the biggest Lynch fans out there, you gotta think of Stacey. 

On to the performance, the set consisted of a combination of material from the debut "Wicked Sensation" and their latest 2009 effort, "Smoke & Mirrors". The current lineup of Lynch Mob looks like this; Oni Logan on vocals, Ratt bassist Robbie Crane, drummer Scot Coogan and of course... the one and only George Lynch on lead guitar! Original vocalist Oni Logan just recently got back with them again and I'm glad that the first time I seen Lynch Mob, was with him. This night, he sounded real good and his performance was spot on... I hope he can keep it up. They opened with "She's Evil But She's Mine" and the set also included, in no particular order of course; "River of Love", "All I Want", "Hell Child", "Revolution Hero", "Let the Music Be Your Master" and "Where Do You Sleep At Night". And of course you can't forget the jaw dropping instrumental, Mr. Scary... after tearing it up on that one, as the crowd was going crazy, George took to the mic and said "Thanks for making an old man blush". I remember looking around seeing people smiling, just shaking their heads in awe of what George was doing. Just phenomenal. The last couple songs of the set were the Dokken classic "Tooth and Nail" and "Wicked Sensation" to top it all off. 

After the show, we all just hung out for a while... Lynn, Stacey, Greg & his friend Dave and I... with the guys from Bang Tango and Scrapyard... the only thing that would have made the night better is if Lynch Mob came out. But even if they didn't, it didn't take away from the night...To me, George Lynch is in a league of his own and he proved it at Planet Rock. He put on an amazing performance, as did the rest of the band. I'm so glad to finally be able to say that I've seen him live!

Below, you can check out a few photos taken with my camera, but keep checking back, because I should have more up sometime, that Lynn took. I also threw in a couple videos that surfaced on Youtube for the night.

~Lynn and I~

~Lynn and I~

~Me, Lynn, Greg~

~Mansion member Greg and I~

~Lynn with Lance Eric from Bang Tango

~Lynn with Joe Leste & Lance Eric from Bang Tango~

~Dave, Greg & I~



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Damn, I wish I could remember all of the Lynch Mob show. I'd tell you how many I had to drink but I have no idea, lol. My wallet said it was quite a few, haha. Bang Tango was great, as usual. I enjoy Bang Tango more than Lynch Mob. Blasphemy, some might say. But, I have a penchant for sleaze metal. Joe Leste is always a pleasure to watch perform. His vocals make me feel the need to lock my daughters up and scream "I am a virgin!". Scott LaFlamme is a very talented slinger with some good technical attributes. The way he attacks the axe is a thing of criminal sexual activity. Trent Anderson is one of those few (imo) drummers that puts his heart into banging the skins. The energy he brings to the group is like Animal from The Muppets. And then there's Lance Eric. Lance, Lance, Lance. Lance pounds the bass with a commanding fury while acting sooo cool doing so. Combining all 4 of these musicians leaves one with a tingling in the crotch and an urge to punch The Pope.

Good review Andrew. Glad you got the set-list down. I had a blast!!!

Great review! I saw George on the boat but honestly he did not seem up to par because of all the mess he had to go thru to get to the boat...arriving late and joining us in Key West. Oni was also "off" on the boat and messed up on River of Love...but no matter what I am sure seeing George for the first time was awesome and this is a great review!!!


damn missed another good one

love the pics, Thanks Andrew for sharing! I love Bang Tango!

Great review Andrew! Wish I could have made this show. Too much of a cruise from Northern Illinois! But my heart and mind was there!! Georgie ROCKS!!!!

LYNCH RULES! :) Great review Andrew!


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