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Concert Review: L.A. Guns at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI

Well it is about time I get to this.... this past Wednesday night, was a night that I will never forget. 

I rocked out with L.A. Guns for the 2nd time, the first time I seen them was back in April of 2009. They opened for Skid Row and Firehouse that night. Good bill. But I was still excited to see them this time, because I knew it would be a longer set, since they are the headliners.


I live about 45 minutes to an hour from Grand Rapids, but since I've never been to the venue before, I left with plenty of time to get there... ended up getting there way too early, but at least I was there. Went in the venue and hung out by the bar and in the lounge area for a little while, till the doors opened at 7pm. Was trying to wait and see if a friend of mine named Jill was gonna be there, but didn't see her. So I was kinda a little bummed about that, but that would soon change. Right from the get go, I noticed there were people of all ages there... some people around my age, older and even some younger than me too, if you believe that. So I thought that was cool. 


A short time after the doors opened and we were in the stage area, the first band came on, they were called Goodness Gracious. Really young guys up there, maybe my age or a year or two older. Not sure, but anyway, they were actually pretty good. They played a set of all cover tunes, from bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Ozzy, Poison and even Alice In Chains. Like I said they were a really young band, but the singer had a lot of charisma and made it a fun set. Also worth noting, was the 2 female backup singers..that might have been another reason why I enjoyed the performance more, if you catch my drift fellas. 


Anyway, after a short time between sets, the 2nd act came on called Gods Of Kansas. Now these guys were very good, you could tell that they have been doing it longer than the first band. They blazed through a set of sleazy, heavy rock n' roll... most of them were originals, but they also threw in a WASP and GnR cover as well. The frontman & bassist, Reo Youngs, set the tone for the performance, full of attitude and was just kicking ass. More on him later. Just a couple songs into their set, a blonde girl came up to me and it turned out to be Jill! I'm glad that she recognized me, so we enjoyed the Gods of Kansas set together, doing our best to talk, but it was really yelling, cause we could barely hear each other it was so loud. 


But after the set, we got to hang out, walk around and talk about the music that we both love. If you know me, I could go on and on talkin' about music, I am surprised that she didn't get tired of me. Thanks for putting up with me Jill!


Anyway, it seemed like it took quite a while for L.A. Guns to come on, but when they did, it was immediately an all-out party! By this time, the place was quite a bit more full and were ready to rock. The band started playing, and Phil Lewis ran on stage, complete with a long leather coat and a top hat. They started off the set with "Slap in the Face" and never let up. Playing all of their classic hits like "Sex Action", "Never Enough", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Sleazy Come Easy Go", "Wheels of Fire" and "Over the Edge"...also throwing in a couple from 2005's "Tales from the Strip" album and "Hellraisers Ball", from 2002's "Waking the Dead". Another really cool thing was that since this year is the 20th anniversary of "Hollywood Vampires", they played a song from it that they said they have NEVER played live before... it was "My Koo Ka Choo" and it was cool to hear. During "Electric Gypsy", Phil put on a helmet that had lit sparkler type things on it... crazy! The last two songs that ended the set were "The Ballad of Jayne" and "Rip and Tear", which was a nice way to close it off. Now I might have forgot a song or two in there, but that was most of the set anyway. 


Bassist Scotty Griffin is back in the band now after 2 years, and this was his first show back with them. The whole band was top notch all night, even better than the first time I seen them, just one helluva show. But what made my night, was getting to meet up with Jill and rock out together! We both really enjoyed the performance. 


After the show ended, we hung out for a bit more, she introduced me to Reo Youngs, the frontman for Gods of Kansas that I mentioned earlier and told him that I ran a site/show. He was EXTREMELY cool, took me back to the merchandise table, gave me a few CD's and a t-shirt. You could tell that he is definitely one of the artists out there who really appreciates the fans. So thanks for that Jill! 


As for the turnout, the place wasn't packed, but it was a good, fun crowd, probably a few hundred or so. That is just a ball-park guess. The people in the crowd were cool for the most part, but I heard someone yell, "Where's Tracii?"... but the awesome guitar work from Stacey Blades made me come up with another question, "Tracii who?". Now I am not saying anything bad about Tracii, as much as I am praising Stacey Blades.. who is a very good guitarist in his own right, that fits in very well with the band and you can just tell that he loves what he is doing. 


I thought that The Intersection was a really cool venue, will have to keep an eye out for some more good bands passing through there in the future. This was the first L.A. Guns show of 2011 and it definitely got my year off to a ROCKIN' start as well! It couldn't have turned out any better (except for having a better camera). I had a blast and hope to make it to another show sooner than later. 


I also wanna mention that Jill (jillicious) is a member of the HMM family now too. 

Click here to add her and say Hi!


Below, you will find links to each of the band's websites and a few pics from the night:

-L.A. Guns-

-Gods Of Kansas-

-Goodness Gracious-



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Very nice review Andrew..

I almost relived the night reading your words..




Next show in our line~up..

LYNCHMOB.. one week from tonight.. woot!!

Thats an awesome review great job Andrew thanks for sharing.. I love the way your review shows your passion for the music you always have and it makes me feel somewhat like we were there.  Glad you and Jill had a great time ....You ROCK
Thanks for posting the review Andrew. It's making me look forward to seeing them again this spring! They played  My Koo Ka Choo? Awesome, I really like that song, hope they keep it in the set list. At the risk of sounding a little nutty, I used to sing that to my cat, Coco  lol
awesome man glad you had a great time hopefully we can meet up at a show sometime too haha yalk to you soon
Very cool Andrew. Loved the review. As you know, I'm a huge fan, so hoping they take that tour a little south to good 'ol Chi-town. I'm glad you had so much fun my friend. L.A. Guns rocks!!!!!!!!!!
Heya Andrew. I think you had a great night. Nice review, dear. Tnx for sharing it with us.

Fantastic review of all the bands Andrew. Sounds like you had a really great time!


Going to see Buckcherry Tuesday. Here's hoping I can have my camera. LA Guns, cool, I saw them years ago. Nice! :)

Andrew dear, you just made my year! SCOTTY IS BACK!! WHOO HOO!!! I could not have hoped for anything better!


Tracii who? Love that, lol

Awesome review Andrew!!!! Very detailed and it made me feel like I was there!!!! You Rock my friend!!!!

Great review - thanks for sharing!!  Hope they make it to M3 again, especially since Scotty is back with them!  Or maybe they will stop in Pittsburgh!


Linda, they will be at M3, but on Friday night, may13th


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