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Concert Review: Jackyl @ The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI (12/12/11)

Rock me, roll me, Jackyl me off!!! hehe

It's fitting that I wrap up my "concert year" of 2011 at the same place where it began, The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was there for L.A. Guns back in January, click here to check out how that show went. 

I made the 40-minute drive to the venue and when I got there, there was still a pretty long line of people waiting outside to get in. The wait wasn't all that long and everyone started to file in. The first thing on the "to do" list was to make it to the bar for my new go-to drink..... crown & coke! No better way to start off a night, right? lol

They were playing some good 80's rock/metal over the speakers, stuff like Badlands, Dokken and others. Gotta love that. I met up with my good friend and fellow Mansion member, Mystia and that's where the fun started! Was cool meeting Sheila (who is now a member on here too), Marie and some of her other friends as well. Mystia and Sheila, you girls definitely know how to have a good time and it was awesome taking in the night's "festivies" with ya!

The first band up was an 80's metal cover band called Goodness Gracious...I've seen them twice before, when I was at The Intersection the first time and then at Planet Rock in Battle Creek as well. They are a bunch of young guys who really do the songs and genre justice... Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Skid Row and even Alice In Chains. 

Next up was Tru-Burn. First time seeing these guys, they did mostly orginals (from what I remember, hehe), and were a very tight, heavy band with some good guitar work. I remember a song entitled "White Lightning" as being one of the highlights. 

It took a little while till it was time for the headliner to come on, but that was okay, because the night was never boring! I was looking forward to seeing Jackyl again for the second time (first time was opening for Cinderella in July at the Muskegon Summer Celebration) and they did not disappoint this time either! It was cool to be able to see them in a more close up, intimate setting this time around. I didn't know how the turn out would be, especially for a Monday night, but The Intersection was pretty much packed from wall to wall! The "intro music" started, and then BOOM, Jackyl hit the stage... the crowd went crazy and were like that the whole night! They started their set off with a tune from their most recent, 2010 release "When Moonshine & Dynamite Collide" called "My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass"! 

If you've never seen a Jackyl show, oh boy... they bring it all, the energy, the in your face rock n' roll, all done with a good-time attitude and Jesse James Dupree is always entertaining with his commentary. As far as the setlist, as expected... they played all of their staples..."I Stand Alone", "Dirty Little Mind", "Down On Me", "Push Comes To Shove", "When Will It Rain", and even threw in a couple lesser known ones that were very cool to hear like "Just Like A Devil" and their only thing close to a ballad, "Secret of the Bottle". 

For the encore, they came back out with "The Lumberjack", breaking out the chainsaw to cut up a bar stool... ya can't have a Jackyl show without that! And then they topped the night off with a nice little number called "She Loves My Cock"! Ohhhh yeah! For that, they were joined by JT on guitar, a radio guy from WGRD 97.9. 

The crowd was really into it and were there to have a good time....there was this one guy though, who had more than a few too many, and was going around bumping into everyone, pushing, etc, everyone cleared away from that idiot. You could tell some people just wanted to knock him out and be done with it, lol. But other than that, all was good in the crowd!

Don't expect any good shots of Jackyl from me, we have Mystia to thank for all the good performance shots! 

Mystia, Sheila and everyone else... you all were GREAT and it was a fun, fun night. I look forward to making another trip to The Intersection on January 14th for Mega 80's/80's night!

Check out all the pics below and even a couple clips from the night that I came across on Youtube.

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i saw them in allentown last week and they were amazing!! and they stuck around to meet the fans after wards it was fucking awesome and they were soooo cool :)) and jesse dupree is sexy as all heelllll haha :))

I love the review Andrew! Makes me want to go see Jackyl right now! I had to miss them this last time around as they came on the same day as Steven Adler to the horror show, so I had to make an executive decision and Steven prevailed! I hope to catch them the next time they come to town.

I love that besides putting mic's on all the usual stuff.. amps, drums and such, Jackyl also mic's on the chainsaw. Only Jackyl would do that.. haha.

i'd love to see jackyl somewhere besides full throtle saloon

Awesome review.. I will get them pics up tonight for sure.. I am such a Procrastinator.. LOL Had a blast with you can't wait til Mega 80's.. =)

Hurry Up!!!!!! Cool pix so far

Mystia, LOVE all the shots you got!! Thanks so much for the great time, can't wait to do it again.. ;) 

All the photos are now up guys!

Can everyone see all the pics now??

Your very welcome.. =0)

Very cool Andrew ... Jackyl kick ass ... great review and pics babe thanks

andrew... it was nice to meet you there!  I have been a member since the planet rock show with great white!!!  Hope to see you at more shows!!!!

Ahhh didn't realize it was you that we had herre already too!! Haha, cool Marie, was awesome meeting you as well!


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