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Burnt Out Wreck is the new project of Gary Moat of Scottish rockers Heavy Pettin fame who enjoyed a stellar career signed with Polydor and Warner Chapell recording with producer Brian May of Queen and toured with Kiss, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Ratt and Motley Crue and well as headlining. So members of that band have serious chops. In those days Gary was drummer and songwriter, but he is now responsible for lead vocals (having developed his vocal style with Mother’s Ruin) and with help from his new band Adrian Dunn (Sweet) on lead guitar, Alex Carmichael on bass, Miles Goodman (rhythm guitar) and Paul Gray on drums have given us ‘Swallow’ and there isn’t a bad track on the album.

Opener ‘Burnt Out Wreck’ has the big riffs you’d expect from a band with NWOBHM heritage. The sound is mature and accessible. Moat has the voice to front a rock band no doubt about that. Guitar solos are old Skool and accomplished. Title track ‘Swallow’ sounds a lot like Australian rockers AC/DC, but it definitely has a twist of English and Southern Rock thrown in for good measure. As such this is definitely a case of inspiration rather than ‘rip off’ and, hey AC/DC, have influenced the entire metal scene for decades, no shame in that. ‘She’s the One’ has a memorable chorus and some nice fretboard travelling for sure. ‘Pullin it Out’ is a song about sex of which Young and Co would be proud. No beating about the bush here! ‘Talk about Love’ has a nicely written unexpected chorus and some grade A shredding. ‘Medusa’ reminded me a little of Thunder in its commercial hard rock approach, although the vocal remains Brian Johnson channelled. ‘Flames’ is another great track which will bring AC/DC to mind, but it is done so well and has such great guitar, it is easy to applaud. ‘She’s a Dirty Love’ has blistering guitar from the off and is a traditional rocker. ‘Your Love (Is all I need) is a change of pace and is more of a stoner feel with a hint of Skynyrd in the guitar. ‘Rockin Man’ and ‘Best of Your Life’ both contain guitar passages that remind of that rock n roll intensity we get when Angus really gets into his zone and is allowed the limelight.

Fans of good solid English rock and AC/DC should really enjoy this and by extension this should be very popular across the pond in the USA. Dripping authenticity (there being no substitute for experience of having been there and done that in the old days) it is a very worthwhile release. Grab yourself a slice of direct, grab you by the balls, no nonsense classic rock. If you like it right between the eyes with no frills, this is for you!

Dawn Osborne

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