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Apocalyptic Lovers - Redemption Volume 1 - Hair Metal Mansion Album Review

Hair Metal Mansion correspondent DAWN OSBOURNE checks in with the following:

Redemption, Volume I

Mixed by the legendary producer Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Ozzy, Warlock, Crue) in Nashville this 8 track EP is a monster slice of metal. Burstin' out of the speakers with Dokken style freewheeling guitar, the Apocalyptic Lovers waste no time with first track 'Better Days'. These boys have origins in the Ohio based 'Love and War' twenty years ago, so this time around they know exactly what they want to deliver and experience and passion are written all over this release. Rifferama city, 'Killing for a Living' also leads with guitar first, questions later. Direct and balls out, we can imagine this live with guitars thrust at audience machine gun, take no prisoners, massacre style.

'Change of Frequency' is also a change of pace, opening with a Black Sabbath-style rain storm and bell (not the only Sabbath influence on the album). This track will chime with those who think that heavy music was best when it was still melodic, before the death growl drowned out vocal skill. Nevertheless, there is a contemporary feel to the heavier parts of the song. 'Who the Hell are you?' also mixes a contemporary sounding chorus and bridge with a blistering solo marrying the best of old and new. 

'The Groove' is a touch of blues opening with fine guitar work in the Southern style. We just love the way the majority of the tracks on this EP open with great guitar wetting the palette like fine wine for a meal. 

No nonsense and heavy on the in your face old Skool guitar (see final track 'Dying Day') if you are impatient with the blandness of what passes for contemporary rock these days in the mainstream, get yourself a little oasis of Wagener influenced, non nonsense, blissfully guitar lovin' rock destined for an arena near you. 

Dawn Osborne

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