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For this week's selection, we are going back to when the metal scene on the sunset strip first started to explode... Steeler's self-titled debut is our Album of the Week! 

1. Cold Day In Hell
2. Backseat Driver
3. No Way Out
4. Hot On Your Heels
5. Abduction 
6. On The Rox
7. Down to the Wire
8. Born To Rock
9. Serenade 

Even though the album didn't explode nationally like I think it should have, it has since become a cult favorite among 80s rock fans. The album featured a lineup of young musicians who would later attain more recognition later in the decade... Ron Keel on vocals (who formed Keel afterwards), drummer Mark Edwards (who went on to Lion & Riot), former W.A.S.P. bassist Rik Fox and an 18-year old Yngwie Malmsteen! 

This is a lost classic that any 80s rock fan would love, so if you aren't familiar, I highly suggest that you go back and give it a spin! Check out some songs below and feel free to chime in with any comments you have.

Mansion member DJ Lovely Laura did an interview with bassist Rik Fox on her show this past Monday, click here to listen to the interview!

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great underappreciated album, one of the ones i forgot i had but that being said i can deal with yngwie in this band for the most part but in his own band i dont appreciate his style of guitar playing at all. no doubt the guy is extremely talented but i just dont like his style. ron keel had a very distinctive voice and his own band was great also. great pick, think i will go play this one now  later people

I ordered this album online a month ago still have not got it in the mail because I moved and the fowarding stuff from the post office.  I run out to the mailbox everyday and I hope its there.  Anyway I ordered because of this radio show, I heard back seat driver and that got me on youtube checking out more steeler.  Hell yeah this is a classic! \m/

I have the lyrics in this older post on Mama's Fallen Angels. I'm going to grab Ratt's Detonator and a Survivor and 21 Guns CD to take with me tonight. I have and like this Keel/Steeler CD too! :)


Everything Yngwie has done is just mindblowing


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