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This is now the "official" thread where new members of the site can introduce themselves.

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Hello Andrew! Although we havent "officially met", I feel like I've known you my whole life! here's a little background... I live in Louisiana with my daughter who also shares the love of music. I was lucky enough to grow up in the time where hair metal was at its peak! As you can see, it's still awesome, and will never die.
I admin a Facebook page called RockerChicksRule with two other Rocker Chicks. This page was created to discuss and share my love for rock music. And wow ---It has grown ! We have just started a page here on HAIR METAL MANSION, and look forward to discussing music, meeting other Rocker Chicks (and Rockers), and sharing stories of concerts, meet and greets, etc... Our website is almost finished.. Check it out... We will be giving away some cool stuff in the future.. So STAY TUNED! Thanks Andrew for your interest in our project! YOU ROCK !!

Hey guys. I'm Dave, I'm 22 and live in Philly. I work as a Pharmacy technician, a firefighter/EMT, and in my free time I'm a semi-professional soccer and hockey player, and a songwriter/musician/singer. (I play guitar, drums, piano, know 1 song on the flute, and I sing lol).
As far as musical taste goes, I listen to everything from Mozart to Slayer and everything in between, but grew up listening to hair metal and classic rock cause my dad always had it on. Anyway, glad to be here, nice to meet everyone!

Hi all, My name is Darren and I'm 22 from Scotland. I am a huge fan of hair metal and the 80s. My favourite bands of the decade would have to be Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Warrant, Ratt, Dokken, Poison, Skid Row, Winger, Whitesnake and many many others! I play alot of guitar aswell with most of my influences and style coming straight from the 80s. Even though I'm a guitarist, I would have to say the Nikki Sixx is by a mile my 80s idol. The guy is a legend! Anyways, Hello :)

HI Everyone I am Aimee from US New Jersey. I am a mommy to a 6 yr old &  engaged to the best man and singer who loves music more than anyone I have ever met.We Love 80's music wish they still had REAL music today. Cant stand these Groups that have NO talent and record deals. What is with this new crap?

Hey guys I'm Lyndsay.
I'm 20 years old, from Ontario, Canada.

I grew up in a metalhead household.

My parents raised me on bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, and GNR. 
It's awesome to have parents who are into the same music you are, because there is never shitty-ass music playing in the house, haha!

And music discussions with your rents are never boring! I've learned quite a lot from my parents when it comes to the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. I especially love hearing their concert memories, but envy them at the same time :P

I've even gone to metal shows in the past with my mother, and a few with my father. 
Seeing many 80's bands that have made comebacks/ reunion tours, for their fans to keep their music alive!

Going to concerts is my #1 hobby.
I've been going to shows since I was 10 years old!

Currently I've seen:

> 35 Concerts
> 22 Local Shows
> 6 Huge Festivals

Every new year I go to at least 3- 4 concerts!
I love live music, as it's the only thing I ever spend my money on :P

Overall I've always believed that I should of been born earlier, but can't complain too much because being a 90s kid was great too. I just wish I could of lived out my teen years during the 80s to see all those great 80s bands at the start of their careers- like my mother and father did. I envy them so much :( lol!

Ps. And I should also mention that I'm a HUGE Skid Row fan (the old SK btw!), and I'm obsessed with Sebastian Bach! ;) hehe!

Hi everyone.  I'm Shilo and of course my passion is rock n' roll.  Axl Rose is my favorite artist of all time.  My favorite bands growing up were Poison, Warrant, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Skid Row and L.A. Guns, and I still love them all.  I try to go to every concert I can afford to.  It's my favorite thing in the world to do. My current concert addiction is The Black Crowes.  They're amazing live if you've never been.  I haven't counted, but I believe I've seen them about eight times so far.

I'm very excited to have found this site and meet people who love the same things I do.  A huge thank you to Andrew Axeman for creating it!

Greetings HeadBangers of the Decade of Decadence!  Been following HMM on Twitter for some time now, finally joined up.

Any rockers going to M3 2013? I'll be there.

Hey!  My name is Jordan and I love 70's, mainly 80's, and early 90's era music.  Been to a lot of fun and crazy shows and will cherish each and every one of them.  My family, my music, and my work are my life!  

Hey everyone, my name is Jelmer, I'm 23 and I'm from the Netherlands. I love 80's music; love to listen to it and to play it. I'm a singer, and my biggest influence is Steve Lee from Gotthard, who is in my eyes the best singer ever.

My girlfriend and I are expecting our first child in December, so we hope to pass on Hair Metal to yet another generation;)  Favourite bands: Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Gotthard, Danger Danger, Poison.

hi I'm Jessica! I'm 25 years old! I'm from Hammond, indiana


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