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Concert Review: Slaughter @ Planet Live Music Factory, Battle Creek, MI

It was March 4th... only a couple weeks removed from seeing Stephen Pearcy and Bang Tango in the same weekend... My friend Jill and I returned to the Planet Live Music Factory in Battle Creek, to party it up with Slaughter! 


We got a couple beers and while we were waiting for the first band to hit the stage, we started talking to a guy (who's name slips my mind right now, any help Jill?), who turned out to be Slaughter's sound tech! So anyway, as we were hanging back there... the first act up was Sevin. This was my 2nd time seeing them and if you liked the more "modern" edge to your rock, you would probably enjoy them. They were just okay to me overall.. they did a cover of Black Stone Cherry and a really good ballad that was the highlight of their set.. for me at least. Next up was In The Red.... they had a really fun vibe to them...mixing in a couple originals (like the catchy "Dirty Little Whore") and some covers like Motley's "Girls Girls Girls", Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name", Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch" and a couple others. I liked 'em! 


Scrapyard was next up and I never heard of them... so I didn't know what to expect, but they absolutely rocked it! VERY good band, that had that guitar driven classic rock sound. It was cool that 3 of the 4 members each took turns doing lead vocals on songs. Their set was mostly originals with a couple AC/DC classics thrown in; "Sin City" and "Shot Down in Flames". It's cool to find out that Michigan actually does have some good local bands!


After their set was over, we just hung out some more... I also should add that the place was PACKED from wall to wall. I found out later that it was completely sold out! 


When Slaughter hit the stage.... the place was electric and it was like that for their entire set! The current Slaughter lineup is; Mark Slaughter on vocals (and some guitar), lead guitarist Jeff Blando (they mentioned that he is from Flint, Michigan), bassist Dana Strum and wildman drummer Zoltan Chaney from Vince Neil's band.. who recently joined them. More on him shortly. Mark raised his drink to the audience and they broke into "The Wild Life" to start off the set. Now, I am not going to be able to remember the exact order of the setlist, but they did play all of their hits... mostly stuff from the first 2 albums. Such as; "Burnin' Bridges", "Spend My Life", "Mad About You", and "Real Love". One of the most memorable highlights was when Mark walked through the crowd high-fiving everyone during "Eye to Eye"... even getting up on the bar, taking a drink and making his way back to the stage. Slaughter had the entire crowd in the palm of their hands and everyone was going crazy...including my friend Jill, who was dancin' away like nobody's business! You rock Jill! 


I was sporting my House of Hair t-shirt that says "If It Ain't Metal It's Crap!" on the back... and got some nice comments on it too! Sweet.


Back to the performance, they also did a jam session, that included covers of songs like Muddy Waters' "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" and Black Sabbath's "Heaven & Hell". As expected, they closed it all off with probably their 2 most well known staples... "Fly to the Angels" and "Up All Night". Also worth noting is that Mark's voice sounded surprisingly good to me and hit all the notes very well! He is still lookin' good too...according to Jill! ;)

And I also can't forget Zoltan Chaney..he was absolutely crazy on the drums! A lot of times the drummers kind of blend into the background, but he really stood out. You can tell that he was having a blast and that he loves what he does. 


So overall, it was another amazing night at the Planet Live Music Factory! It was my first time seeing Slaughter believe it or not and I'm glad that I was finally able to. Planet Live is a really cool venue that is bringing in my kind of bands lately! Hope to make it there again soon. 


Here are a couple videos of them performing "Up All Night" & "Fly to the Angels", courtesy of Youtube user "nikkirocksdetroit";




Check out a handful of pics from the night below!


*Jill & I*






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Cool Review Andrew glad you had a blast!

Awesome review!   Glad to hear Mark's voice was sounding good.  He's had some trouble with it of late and I think people were getting concerned about it.  Zoltan is a madman on the drums - definitely worth the price of admission all on his own.  Blando's mini-set is always a treat.  The guy has a great voice & can play some mean Zepplin. 


Glad you and Jill had fun!!!  I may just have to treat myself to a road trip so I can see them before M3!


BTW, was it Pat you were talking to?

cool review Andrew.. It was a BLAST!
sounds like you had an awesome night Andrew i hope to make it out there sometime so we can rock out to some good old classic hair metal haha

ummm... C'mon Dan.... good shows coming up in the next few weeks..

and Planet Rock is a great place to Rock OUT!!...

Good sound system.. NO GREAT SOUND SYSTEM!!!   for real dude \m/

I'm glad you finally got to see Zoltan, I can never get enough of him; he's fabulous! \m/
YES... Zoltan was most definitely worth watching \m/

sounds like it was a cool nite!

Do ya know if Slaughter has a new album in the works???

They've been talking about it for awhile now, but I'm not holding my breath.  They have been doing a new song at their shows lately, so maybe they are making progress.
Thanks for the review Andrew! They are one of the bands I thought I would skip out on during M3, now I'll need to give them a listen
Oh yeah, speaking of new album... they did do a new song at the show too! Forgot to mention that... about March 26 or April 9 or have an extended stay and do both!!



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